Interactive Notebooks

Table of Contents

The first ten pages of your notebook will be reserved for your table of contents.  Here you will keep a detailed list of every assignment with dates and page numbers.  This helps you make sure you haven’t missed any information in class.  A master table of contents will be kept on the bulletin board for you to look at any time you want; you can also ask a friend.


Your Table of Contents should look like this:







Assignment Title

“About the Author”

Table of Contents

Interactive Notebook Guidelines

Class Syllabus

Independent Reading Guidelines


8/31/09 or August 30, 2010






Notebook Sections

Each of the manila-colored dividers in your notebook will be used to separate different sections.

· Sections 1, 2, 3 – Student Work

· Section 4, 5 – Daily Journals


Maintaining the Interactive Notebook

· Keep an accurate table of contents.

· Make sure pages stay neat and clean, without rips, tears, or folds.  Do not tear pages out of the notebook.

· Every page should be colorful and personalized. However, all doodles must relate to the lesson.

· Notebook should only be used in Reading.  (No other classes!!)

· Title, date and number each page.

 Notebook Grade

Notebooks will be graded several times throughout each grading period.  It is your responsibility to bring your notebook to class every day, to participate in class activities, and to keep your notebook up to date.  Your Notebook will be worth a major portion of your Classwork grade.


· COMPLETENESS: There should be no missing hand-outs, assignments, previews, or making connections. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make-up any missed work.

· QUALITY: Effort, consideration, and creativity should be obvious on every page. The difference will show between students who spend 30 minutes on an assignment vs. the student who put something together on the bus on the way to school.

· ORGANIZATION: Table of contents, dates, glued hand-outs and assignments with matching student work, numbered pages, and particular sections should be in the correct order.

· VISUAL APPEARANCE: Your notebook should be NEAT, with each entry titled and dated. There must be some form of effective use of color/highlighting on EVERY page. Most of the left-side pages should show creativity, whether it be through artistic talent or displaying your individuality.


How do I earn an A+???

A student who expects to earn an A on the notebook will be one who:

            -keeps a complete, neat notebook

              -produces quality work

-has taken the time to be thoughtful and creative in previewing and making connections with the class content.

The goal is to show that you have thought about the information even beyond the classroom assignments.