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This week's topics:
       *  Cause and effect
        *Physical Science - Electricity
Please check the homework postings
DAILY as it is subject to change!
This Week's Homework:
Monday, March 12, 2012
Reading: Reading Log
Spelling Worksheet
Math:  PW 251 - 252
Science:  NONE
Tuesday, March 13,  2012
Reading: Reading Log (20 minutes)
First 10 spelling sentences
Math: PW 253 - 254 AND 255 - 256
Science: Vocab worksheet (p 124)
Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Reading: Reading Log (20 minutes)
2nd 10 spelling sentences
Grammar PW 141 - 142
Math: PW 257 - 258
Science:  NONE
Thursday, March 15, 2012
Reading: Reading Log (20 minutes) 
Grammar PW 145 - 146
Math: PW 259 - 260
Science: What are atoms? worksheet
Friday, March 16, 2012
Reading: Reading Log
Math: PW 261 - 262
Science:  NONE
Folder Receipt Signed!!!
Scholastic Order forms for Feb/Mar. - COMING SOON!  Click HERE to order books
Logins and passwords have been sent home!!! You can access V-Math, Ticket-to-Read, Think Central (math textbook), and our science textbook from this webpage or our school's "resources" page.

Cool Links We've  Used in Class
      **We've played some of these games in class, but there are also virtual manipulatives, logic puzzles, and MORE on this website.
Lewis and Clark - Learn more about Lewis and Clark. :)
Login: mrsbmath
Password: abc123
A great vocabulary site for a good cause! The more you play, the more food that gets donated to people in need.
This website is a great find by Mrs. Ayers! You have to ask your parents and create a login and password, but it allows you to explore the world of reading through the Magic Tree House series.  Read stories, answer questions, and earn stamps for your "passport."
Logins and passwords were sent home.  This is GREAT FCAT preparation!
Monument Scavenger Hunt Websites

Please check out the "important documents" link on the left for copies of spelling words and other important information.