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02.Organization & Place


The center sets up a director, administrates all services, plans display, the artwork reservation, and the correlation publication , next sets at a staff member, cooperates to handle each service, the director is invited an above teacher of professor by principal , the tenure in office 3 years, must be continue as time.  

In order to perfectly develop, will expand 3 divisions: administration reservation division, the display division, and the performance division, respectively will suppose leader for 3 divisions, and will carry on each service.  

Besides committee is established which provides the center development direction , plans the significant display and the activity, and the artistic work display.  

Principal holds the post of director, and invites 9 to11 person by the school inside and outside, artistic expert composes, and committee members not gives the duty.  

The committee holds a meeting every year to decide each significant policy and the funds budget, and is needs to hold the temporary conference. Present is restricted in the school funds manpower, only establishes 1 director and 1 full-time student.  

In dynamic performance aspect: The extracurricular activities section plans music, dance, and play performance and so on, for example the small solo recital, large concert, and each kind of stage play performance and so on. In addition, center attempts to plan large traditional performance, for example New Year's Day concert held for the first time in Miao Li, and invited Cloud Gate Dance Theatre to stay school and perform, all will become the special tradition of the domestic university.  

Future the center development, will set up each humanities art the development operation and education, and will possess the active material database, provides school teachers and students and the community to use, achieves the goal which the school and the community will unify.  


The center is located back the school campus, and it is a brick cottage, the environment exquisitely, front plants lotus and holland several, about the total area approximately 100 level ground, provides each display and performance, in the room the basic space is as follows:  

1. Lotus Art Gallery The total area approximately 100 level ground, havethe log floor, lays aside a piano, provides the piano performance and the appreciation activity; in addition, it has the wooden demonstration cabinet, may provide the ceramic skill demonstration and so on, the wall surface space may provide the calligraphy and painting display, or the photo exhibition, displays the hall besides the static display, also may provide the small artistic course activity or performance.  

2. Performance/Exhibition Hall: The area approximately 15 level ground, provides the coffee place to use the artistic type course or the discussion, for example the invites art famous expert to make the small discussion, or invites the space which in principal and the school the teacher talks openly, provides the coffee and tea, provides the school teachers and students to chat about art.  

3. Equipment: The equipment has a projections to put the copier, provides each kind of art to deliberate or the course is used, and prepares a 5.1 sound tracks sounds; in addition, may broadcast the artistic video to appreciate to the teachers and students; besides, it has the video and music editing system, and all active material may manufacture the DVD, provides the all school teachers and students to watch.