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Course Information

Course: Spanish
Teacher: Heidi Wakeman    
School: O'Maley Innovation Middle School
Location: Room 112                                                               Email me:  hwakeman@gloucesterschools.com
Course Objective:
Spanish at O'Maley Innovation Middle School is an ACADEMIC Specialist. The objective is to learn both basic grammar & cultural information.  We meet for 10 weeks, every other day for the 1st or 2nd quarter. The second part of the course is either 3rd or 4th quarter. There will be homework, quizzes, projects & classwork. 
Projects: 30%------There will be at least one project per quarter.
Classwork 30 %------ Worksheets, practice, vocabulary filled in
Quizzes/Assessments 30%  -----All quizzes can be retaken to improve a grade!
Homework 10%-----Homework is expected to be completed & returned to school.

Course Topics & Information 

Click on the link to get more information, helpful links & homework

  • Grade 6:  Who am I? What do I like to do?:The alphabet, numbers 0-100, breakfast words & manners,me gusta y no me gusta, the weather, the calendar, Spain & Mexico
  • Grade 7:  What am I like? What are my family & friends like? School supplies, adjectives, subject pronouns, family and school, the Spanish Speaking Caribbean
  • Grade 8: What is school like? What do I say in a restaurant? -ER,-IR verbs, Ser vs. Estar, Central America & South America
After School Help Day: MONDAYS or by arrangement.
Please speak to me or send me an email if you are falling behind or you need to make up some work.  You can also just drop by on Mondays; no appointment needed!

Frase de la Semana: 
Saying of the week

   Hace frio= It's cold!       ¡Orale!= Okay, no problem (this    is a Mexican saying)                           ¡Sí, claro!= Yes, clearly!             ¡Ojala!= I hope so! (or God      willing!)                                                  Lo siento= I'm sorry             (literally"I feel it")                                                                                   
Homework: TAREA       Click on homework to find your assignments! EACH GRADE HAS A HW COLUMN. THERE ARE COPIES OF HW at the bottom of the page, or on your grade level page.
Useful links & videos     takelessons.com/blog/how-to-practice-Spanish-z03                                                  Study Spanish.com: a useful & fun way to practice Spanish!                                     Authentic Spanish Videos- University of Texas           Mapa Musical-Musical Map   Como Eres? Rap Video         Tengo tu Love by Sie7e    Princess of Ser