Congratulations to Ilyana Lorenzana for placing first in the Scripps Spelling Bee at O'Maley! 

S. A. I. L. S.


S ~ Service

A ~ Acceptance

I ~ Integrity

L ~ Leadership

S ~ Success

2015- 2016 lip dub Shake It Off 

Congratulations to the former following Dirigo House students who are being honored for their poetry writing for the 2016 Poetry Without Paper:

1st place Mila Barry

2nd place Tessa Bushfield

3rd place Willa Brosnahan

Honorable Mention Logan Roberts

I can't wait to see the students who place this year from Dirigo House!

Click on this link  To This Day and view a very heartfelt video about what name calling and mis-communication can lead to in one's life.

O'Maley Innovation Middle School 

is committed to the success of the students and creating 

life long learners

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Ms. Theresa Dannaher
O'Maley Innovation Middle School

English Language Arts
Room 311

After school help day: Thursday and sometimes other announced days in the week
<there is access to technology>

Obstacles as Opportunities
March 8th



Check ELA Calendar for upcoming assignments and check the Documents and Links and Videos section for assignment/worksheets and resources so you can be prepared!


The School Brains portal is open for all to view student's progress in content and specialists

Please do not email me for directions, as I will direct you to the Documents section of this web site. 

April 13th report cards for T3 head home -- students in HR 311 must have acknowledgment of receipt returned no later than April 25th with signature of parent/guardian or the consequence is after school detention on Wednesday April 26th <email accepted too>

Mandatory Extended Day begins on February 6th and goes until April 5th

2:00- 3:15 Monday and Wednesday

If you want to verify you are reading on grade level check out this site Lexile Reading Level-- search the title and if it ranges between 830L and 1090L you are on grade level, but might be able to push yourself and go beyond your comfort zone.

Last Day of School June 20, 2017

Benchmark Assessments for Grade 7

Spring 2017 Writing Assessment

Literary Analysis Spring 2017

ELA Literary Terms Winter 2017 Assessment

ELA Literary Terms Fall 2016 Assessment

Reading Comprehension Winter 2017

ELA Writing Common Assessment Fall 2016