Mission for the Class

Our mission is for all students in the 
Gloucester Public Schools to be
successful, engaged, lifelong learners.
We are also engaged in our 
BIG THEMES as part of the new
Innovative School and our inter-
disciplinary Project Based Learning
The two questions that will guide
our interdisciplinary projects are:

1) How do we observe change over

2) How do populations adapt to
    change over time?

Sixth Grade Science Curriculum

Fall: Environmental Science (green book)
Energy Resources
Living Things in the Environment
Energy Flow (food webs and energy pyramids)
Biomes of the Earth
Forests and Fisheries

Winter: Inside Earth (orange book)

Geological Time (purple book)
Earth's Interior Layers
Heat Transfer and Convection Currents
Continental Drift and Pangaea
Seafloor Spreading and Subduction
Plate Tectonics
Mountain Building

Spring: Earth's Changing Surface (purple book)

Weathering of Rock
Forces of Erosion and Resulting Landforms
Soil and Groundwater
Topographic Maps and GPS

Contact Information:

Name:    Roger Davis
Email:     rdavis@gloucester.k12.ma.us
Phone:     978-281-9850
School:     Ralph B. O'Maley Middle School
Subject/Dept: Sixth grade Science
Room:             218

Homework & Assignments

  • Untitled Post For daily homework and updates, go to Goolge Classroom.  Your child should share with you the log in information (username and password).To see your child's current grades, go ...
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  • Week of 10/20-24 Mon. 10/20: Summary Close Read (accessible through Google Classroom)Tue. 10/21: Summary Direct Questions (accessible through Google Classroom)Wed. 10/22: Check out the websites on Characteristics of ...
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  • Week of 10/21-25 Monday: We had a guest scientist in class today.  Liz Duff of the Mass Audubon came to involve us in the Audubon research project on the ecosystem of the Mill ...
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  • Homework for week of 10/7-11 Monday: Section Review on page 21 (based on reading pages 16-21, read in class)Tuesday: Two Column Notes (based on textbook pages 16-21)Wednesday: Biome notes (from the ...
    Posted Oct 10, 2013, 2:22 PM by rdavis@gloucesterschools.com
  • Homework for 10/4 weekend Bring in a photo or picture of your biomes (one land and one aquatic).  Pictures may be drawn, downloaded and printed, cut from old magazines, or photocopied (preferably in color
    Posted Oct 4, 2013, 5:45 AM by rdavis@gloucesterschools.com
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    ‎Vocabulary for 1-1 Living Things in the Environment, due 9/21/11‎
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