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Thanks to a generous grant through the Massachusetts 21st Century Community Learning Center the O’Maley Innovation Middle School is pleased to continue O’Maley Academy.  O’Maley Academy is an extended day program that offers FREE activities four days a week. Additionally, O'Maley Academy offers exciting summer opportunities!

Thank you also to our community partners, The Gloucester Education Foundation, Maritime Gloucester, The Sawyer Free Library, Sound Harbor, The Hive, Kestrel Adventures and Backyard Growers.

And finally, a huge thank you to the dedicated O'Maley staff who run strong programs year after year!

Did you get to hang with O'Maley Academy this summer? If so, thank you! it has been an amazing summer so far! From sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, drama, science, project adventure and more, students have had a variety of awesome experiences. 

If you did not get to join is this summer, we hope to see you throughout the year, or next summer.