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Biotechnology at Gloucester High School

Since 2009 Gloucester High School Introductory Biology students have had the opportunity to work with gel electrophoresis, micropipettes and other tools of the Biotech trade.  A generous grant from MassBio helped purchase basic equipment and subsequent stipends have helped purchase consumables.

Students have learned:
  • how to accurately measure small volumes of reagents and DNA samples
  • design and run DNA fingerprinting labs and simulated protein analysis such as sickle cell anemia patient/carrier traits
  • keep an accurate industry type lab notebook and analyze data

We have also partnered with Gloucester Education Foundation, and with their support, last year we ran Genome Gloucester, a one week summer enrichment course which used lab experiences for students to learn of enzymes, DNA and scientific inquiry.  This summer, again with GEF support and collaboration with Maritime Gloucester we will offer Genome Gloucester- Fishy DNA.  This experience will examine truth in seafood labeling and will culminate in DNA testing of labelled seafood.

Gloucester High School, and Mr. Eric Leigh, have been named Mass Bioteach "Innovative Biology School of the Year" for 2013-14.  This prestigious award had a $5000.00 grant attached to it, and this money has been utilized to expand the equipment for the biotech lab and all of GHS biology.