Seventh graders study ancient and classical civilizations in the Mediterranean to the fall of the Roman Empire: Ideas that shaped history. (MA. Frameworks

Text book  Available On line at:
username: Horne304
password: omaley304

Students need to bring Four items each day to be prepared for class.
1.  pencil
2.  pen for correcting work (not black)
3. notebook 
4. folder 

Additional materials to be added to our "Classroom Supplies":
1. glue sticks and hot glue sticks
2. colored pencils 
3. colored & white index cards
4. tape (scotch, masking and duct)
5. sharpie markers (all types)

Contact Information:

Name: Mrs. Joanne Horne
Email: jhorne@gloucesterschools.com
Phone: 978-281-9850 (main office)
School: O'Maley Innovation Middle School
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 7          
Room: 304 

My after school help
day: Wednesday 2-2:30 

Homework Club
is offered 3 days a week from 2:00 to 3:15.
Monday in room 315 (Ms. Marden)
Wednesday in room 310 (Ms. Burke)
Thursday in room 220 (Ms. Haskell)

Late bus comes at 3:30 and again at 4:15
on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.