Guidance Overview


The Guidance Department at O'Maley Innovation School consists of three guidance counselors; Mary White, Allison Cousins, and Paula Gray. Our approach is unique in that our guidance counselors loop with the students as they move through the school from grade six to grade eight.The O'Maley Guidance and Student Services Team includes our School Psychologist, Rebecca Wetter and our school Adjustment Counselor Dan Graham. Our team has over 20 years of service to families in the city of Gloucester, and provides services to the school in a variety of areas that promote the students' well-being and personal growth.

Our counselors work with the students toward good emotional health by providing mediation, stress reduction techniques, and personal and academic goal setting strategies. Crisis intervention services include Salem Crisis Team contact, community counseling referrals, and community family support services links. We work closely with our Elementary schools and Gloucester High School to assist students in smooth transitions as they grow through the Gloucester Public Schools. An important Student Services initiative is our SAILS program, a values strengthening project that promotes Service, Acceptance, Integrity, Leadership and Success!