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Contact Information: 
Name: Miss Katherine Crosby
Email: kcrosby@gloucesterschools.com
Phone: (978) 281-9850
School: O'Maley Innovation Middle School
Subject: English Language Arts
Location: Beauport House, Room 301

ELA Virtual After School Help: Mondays
(Google Meet Link on Google Classroom Stream) 

Google Classroom: 
All class documents and links can be found in Google Classroom. To join, use the correct class code below:

Homeroom: lek76v5 
A Block: jtxhh33
B Block: 3zzanma
C Block: wnzvd4d
D Block: o3q5sas
E Block: dwvaeg3
F Block: 2w3tqhw
G Block: 7npwphe

What to Bring to Class: 
Face Mask
Charged Chromebook
#2 Pencil
Composition Notebook
2 Pocket Folder
Free Read Book 

School Brains Gradebook: 
M= missing, counts as 0% until completed
EX= excused, does not affect grade 
blank= optional or not graded yet, does not affect grade