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Contact Information: 
Name: Miss Katherine Crosby
Email: kcrosby@gloucesterschools.com
Phone: (978) 281-9850
School: O'Maley Innovation Middle School
Subject: English Language Arts
Location: Beauport House, Room 301

What to Bring to Class: 
#2 Pencil
Red Pen
Composition Notebook
Two-Pocket Folder
Free Read Book 

-NSMT field trip is on December 8th! 

Quote of the Week: 
"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you." -Walt Whitman

My After School Day: Thursday 

Beauport Help Days (after school):
Monday: Math
Wednesday: Science 
Thursday: ELA, Social Studies, & Support

Students are welcome to stay after school with any of the Beauport teachers to do work for any class. 

The late bus comes at 3:15 on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

Community Portal:
Any incomplete work is entered as a 50 until the student makes it up.  

** do not affect the grade and represent work that is optional or that a student is excused from.