Welcome to ELA!
Materials Needed for Class:
  • a pencil and eraser
  • vocabulary notecards
  • ELA notebook (which stays in the classroom)
  • homework folder
  • agenda book
  • a good attitude. 
Homework Policy:
Homework is corrected daily in class. If students do not have their homework completed for the day it is due, they will have 1 night to complete it for 1/2 credit. The student is responsible for showing their homework to Mrs. Wand the next day in class. 

If a student is absent, they are responsible to turn in their homework the next day they are present in class.

Extended Deadlines:
Students may work on major assignments past their due date ONLY AFTER they talk to Mrs. Wand about it. The student and teacher will then work together to come up with a new appropriate deadline. 

Students will be given up to 2 extra weeks to work on assignments. After 2 weeks, major assignments with extended deadlines will be considered late.  

Contact Information:

Name: Elizabeth Wand   
Email: ecurrie-wand@gloucesterschools.com
Phone: (978) 281-9850
School: O'Maley Innovation Middle School
Subject/Dept: 6th Grade ELA
Room: 219