Welcome to 6th 
Grade Math

Link from Open House Night

What supplies do I need for math class?
notebook (spiral or composition)
DURABLE homework folder
Pencils, Pencils, Pencils
correcting pen
pencil case
Optional: ruler, handheld calculator for checking work at home, colored pencils/crayons/markers

Where is homework listed?
All homework should be written down in class and will be listed on Google Classroom.

How do we get to the homework online?
The link here will take you to the login.  User names were sent home on the book letters. 

When does Mrs. Morris stay after?
After help day is on Wednesday. Stay any week to work on homework, get missed work, get some extra practice, study for tests, or work on Weekly Review.  After school sessions run from 2:00-2:30,  there is a late bus at 3:20.
How do I reach Mrs. Morris?
The best way to reach us is by email.  If you have not yet given us your address, drop me an email and I will add you to the House List.  Reach me at lmorris@gloucesterschools.com. You can also reach Mrs Davis at jdavis@gloucesterschools.com

What is the homework expectation?
There is generally a short homework assignment every night Monday-Thursday with the exception for test days, etc.  The assignments should always be written in the Agenda Book and can be found on Google Classroom
How do I know when there is a test?
Tests and quizzes will be announced in class and on the website at least 3 days ahead of the test.

Contact Information:

Name: Liz Morris
Email: lmorris@gloucesterschools.com
School: O'Maley Middle School
House: Light house
Subject: 6th Grade Math
Room: 217


Supply List
durable homework folder
correcting pen
whiteboard marker

Classroom Supplies
disinfecting wipes
EXPO markers