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See the left sidebar to navigate this site. Homework is on google classroom, and assignments are posted in the calendar "Ocean Science 18-19 8th Grade," below my contact information on the right. Class notes can be found in Documents & Files or by title in the box in the lower right. The science curriculum is in Links & Resources.

Class Supplies:
Please bring these with you on the first (and every) day of school: 
  • 1 Lined composition Notebook (this will remain in class throughout the year)
  • 2  Sharpened Pencils (at least, mechanical ones are convenient, bring extra led, too)
  • 3 ringed binder (1"-1 1 1/2" in size) or folder dedicated to science worksheets and homework only
  • Colored pencils
  • 3 x 5 Index Cards (one stack of 100 is plenty for the year)
  • Recommended: 
    • Pencil box or pouch, ones that connect inside 3 ring binders are nice, and can store index cards
    • Extra eraser

Contact Information:

Name: Dan Tomasses
School: O'Maley Inovation Middle School
Subject/Dept: Science 8th Grade
Room:  101

Ocean Science 18-19 8th Grade

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