Sexual Diseases

Sexual diseases are part of uncontrolled sexual behavior. More you change your partner more are the chances to get this infection.  I also had to go to Doctor and take injections. I was lucky to know early and took remedial action without any fear and consulted Doctor. Luckily there was no fungal infection or Aids or incurable diseases. I know many other sex workers who were not so lucky and could not be recovered from these deadly diseases. On the basis of my experience I am emphesizing that medical aid should be free for sexual workers. It should be free as Sex Workers are part of society and their help to the global world can not be overlooked. Today I am rich. I married an Industrialist's son. I was high profile sex worker. One may call it Call Girl. I know many call girls or escorts who are rich and doing business, who act as Sex Worker. kindly read  Definition of Sex Worker . Please be in touch with Government Doctor as profession of Doctor is now a days based on money desires. They have become corrupt and think of money only.


Due to more open national borders or frequent traveling by rich people or sex workers, sexual diseases are also spreading very fast. Diseases do not see rich or poor sexual objects. These are due to deadly bacterias or fungus, which spread due to sex with unknown people. One should take care and use condoms. But still I am of the opinion that we should take all possible care under the advice of Doctor. 

Read Bhagwat Geeta and learn to control on desires. Sex work can not be eliminated as it is due to combination of Mars ans Venus or Saturn or Rahu.

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