Face Book provides plateform to contact each other for sex or any other business activities. Names , photos and addresses for Sex Chatting etc are normally fake with fake IDs. It is same as olden days of sex traficking. As soon as Girl enters in to Prostitue society her new name is given to her and her name changes from Laxmi to Parwati or etc etc . On Face Book it is also used as Randi or Shallu Randi and employer name as Randikhana ( Prostitute's Hell ).

Recently Face Book is taking all precautions to verify the authenticity of face book owner. So Sex workers shall change to some other social net workers where these are not better regulated.

Nude photos collected by internet posted with different faces. All are fake and all enjoy. Most of these girls take care that others faces are shown on internet by others names. So do not take name or photos as correct. It may be possible that face may be of the other person. We do not take any responsibility for the same. Please inform us and we shall delete. There are many sites on internet who lure young people to sex nude sites and charge dollars by credit card etc. Face book shall be slowly more authentic. 

Women is to be loved. She is symbol of sex in male dominated society. Only She has power to create. She only can multiply. Surprisingly She does not have Gotra or family tree symbol. Her Gotra changes with the Men she marries. It is wrong. She is Goddess. She has feeling of love and feeling of bringing child or next generation to this universe. She is incubator.Her blood mixes with the DNA /RNA of male. She can't be treated like slave. She can overcome this role given by male dominated society by taming male as puppets, by utilizing male weakness of sex. There are a few male who can control on sex. I have seen many males asking sex and requesting her to cohabit. Earlier there was danger of pregnancy. Now Birth control measures are sufficiently available for making male feel week.

She has power to prolong sexual orgasm. So Male can be dominated very easily. Those women , who are not sexually satisfied keep males under their control. By offering sexual services they can ask favours. So Sex Workers are the best trained human beings. Earlier Sex Workers use to teach teens about sex and sexual behaviour. Sex Worker know more about sexual diseases. Kali is symbol of sex worker. See photos.

Kaali or Black Goddess is Symbol of Sex Worker created by Gods to eliminate Demons. One can also write that Kaali is Women Global Sex Worker who can not be satisfied by only sexual actions. She took birth to prove that women is very powerful. She may always be unsatisfied. She is power / Shakti. 

Sex life 

So Global Sex Workers should understand that they are not only Sex Symbol but they are very powerful. Kaali is helped by Bharon. Bharon is powerful male. He may be male organizing clients for Sex Worker. He drinks Whisky, Rum, Vodka and strong Alcohol. He helps Kaali to perform her actions. Bhairon or Pimp takes care of criminals, who want to cheat Sex Workers. He is helped by Male Monky Hanuman.

Every Part of Kaali or female is powerful. Kindly see photo of Kaali. How many men / criminals she has killed. Women , when not loved or cared, can be more revengeful. So Sex Workers are the best possible creation of human beings for the welfare of society. She eliminates violence by taking energy of Males and keep mafia dons under their control. So I selected to worship Global Sex Worker. 

Please read beautiful article of Maria Potts. This is an abridged version of the Greek novella, as published in ISLAND magazine, Summer/Autumn 2008. Translated from the Greek by the author.


By Maria Strani-Potts