Here are the resources you will need for each day at the Summer Institute.

As a reminder, the highlighted lessons are those you can choose to deliver during the student summer camp week. To sign up for a plan to deliver, click here.

 Day 1 - Reflection and Culturally Relevant Game DesignSession 1 - Identify the goals of the summer institute and reflect on the year

Session 2 - Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in game design, a checklist

Session 3 - Intro to the Scratch interface

Session 4 - Overview: Lesson plans for the student summer camp week.

 Day 2 - Embedding issues into the core of a gameSession 5 - Community Issues Brainstorming

Session 6 - Sensitively selecting and analyzing images to inspire game ideas

Session 7 - Completing Issues Research

Session 8 - Grow a Game

Session 9 - Paper Prototyping

Session 10 - Scratch Graphics Tools

 Day 3 - Computational thinking concepts in ScratchSession 11 - Events and Behaviors

Session 12 - Loops

Session 13 - Conditionals

Session 14 - Variables

Session 15 - Resetting your game, win and lose conditions

Session 16 - Reflection, choose your lesson plan

 Day 4 - Preparing our lessons, sharing our gamesSession 17 - Remix and practice your lesson plan

Session 18 - Playtesting and incorporating feedback

Session 19 - Evaluating our games for the tenets of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy.

To access the Playbook: Playbook access PowerPoint