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Gone! Too late! $$$, Reputation etc loss!
Don’t want to be one of them?
  • Are you worried about your vital data being stolen by someone?
  • Do you feel stressed remembering too many passwords?
  • You may not like to let your passwords to be seen by others? We call this "shoulder attack".
  • Are you worried about your security key being lost easily?
  • Is the price for security solutions too expensive for you to own one?
  • Do you want to build your branding?
  • Do you want to enhance you marketing activities?
SUPER1ID™ (Power in 1) Security solution is the answer!

SUPER1ID™ mechanism is based on convenience. It can be designed into 3 factors security that includes the User ID, physical identity or token and One Time Password. This invention provides a safe process for users to input their passwords. Furthermore, it can be an entertainment to the consumers and help organizations build the brand and enhance the marketing activities.

WalletSIM™ - breakthrough by incorpating RF technology, Telco SIM & Bank SIM (3) into 1 WalletSIM™ that can be customed design to your requirements with additional security etc.


We can imagine an environmental-friendly  

MySIM™ applications where we can have our own SUPER1ID™   E-currency for the use of public transport, shopping, e-tickets, banking, healthcare, collect loyalty points as well as contribute to environment and charity at the same time. We could even get rebate with the new eco-system from merchants’ etc for financial planning with the increase of gas price, coming soon good service tax etc …. It also solves security concerns, provide cost saving and help to generate income …and by the way, climate change and promote Green Lifestyle.