D' GLOBALCLAS™ Technology

D' GLOBALCLAS™ Technology Team was founded to address the needs of consumers, businesses, and security, risk management and Information Communication Technology issues in the interconnected environment. The lifestyle innovation technology here is more than just a new technology and “how to use” the technology, it is “how to make use of the technology by optimizing the resources to benefit strategic business development”, address the security with risk management issues and fulfilling the consumers needs and wants.

Freedom, Choice, Simplicity -
It's in Your hand!

The Internet, mobile technology and e-business affect the traditional dynamics of all industries in the marketplace. Today's businesses are caught in a state flux, and it is under such circumstance that nimble and innovation companies can exploit the Internet, mobile technology and e-business to adapt a new model, new technologies and create a new role in the marketplace.

We are here to support your organisation:

  • Our products are the next technology wave.
  • Our services are your needs and wants.
  • Your success is ours too.

Consumer Centric World

In the Consumers Centric World, the customers and not the seller will be in control. The consumer submits a bid. Businesses will respond partially or in total to the submitted bid. The new paradigm will cause great change from an Information Technology and marketing perspective. In the 7 x 24 x 365 environment that is highly scalable, available and global changes everyone's role.