D' GLOBALCLAS™ Technology

D' GLOBALCLAS™ Technology Team was founded to address the need of consumers, businesses, and security, risk management and Information Communication Technology issues in the interconnected environment. The lifestyle innovation technology here is more than just a new technology and “how to use” the technology, it is “how to make use of the technology by optimizing the resources to benefit strategic business development”, address the security with risk management issues and fulfilling the consumers needs and wants.

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Please feel free to contact us at e-mail: enquiry@globalclas.com

GLOBALCLAS™ Solutions takes great pride in the cost-effective value-added services we provide to our clients and customers on a regular basis.

GLOBALCLAS™ Team provides cost estimates and budgets in advance of consulting and professional services. Costing and budgeting is based on the defined work and the team required to execute the work plan.