Core Values

Bringing Global Ideas Together

Our Core Values are ...

Global Atlantis believes in:

  • Inventive ways to resolve old problems
  • Giving back in a noticeable way which builds a relationship with the community
  • Making a commitment to hire locally, encouraging governments to invest in training programs rather than importing foreign workers
  • Getting buy-in from the community through education,  transparency and accountability
In order to attract foreign business or investors, countries must:
  • Do not put high financial burdens on businesses regarding registration fees and banking requirements.
  • Invest in security so foreign business feel safe making investments
  • Implement an anti-corruption program that ensures accountability, transparency and ties to key performance indicators  
  • Implement policies and "rules of law" for disciplining individuals who participate in corruption regardless of their position in government or business.  
  • Have a strategy for attracting foreign business, including tax credits, tax abatements, and other business assistance   
Corruption inevitably leads to a diminished business climate when the public trust is put at risk, according to Stanford Graduate School of Business

Core Values

Gender Equality
Food Security
Water Preservation
Conflict Management
Job security