Management of Life-Threatening Allergies

GCPS has established guidelines for the management of life-threatening allergies. CLICK HERE to access these guidelines online.

They are also provided in paper form upon request (please see your child's principal).

In order to establish a safe and healthy learning environment for children with allergies, schools and parents and/or guardians must form a partnership. School staff members and parents and/or guardians need to work together to develop a comprehensive approach that will assist the student in transitioning from the home to the school environment. When done well, this is one of the greatest lessons a child can learn; they are safe in a world outside of their own home. 

These guidelines were developed to assist schools with caring for students with life-threatening allergic conditions and to provide parents and/or guardians guidance about how allergies are addressed in the Goochland County Public Schools (GCPS). The guidelines will: 

  • Provide information about allergies and anaphylaxis 
  • Provide a framework for students, parents and/or guardians, and schools to help establish a healthy learning environment 
  • Provide information about best practices that can be put in place in every school to help prevent an allergic reaction from occurring 
  • Help to systematize across the school system how to handle students with allergies 
  • Support the need for a multi-disciplinary team approach to handling students with allergies 
  • Address the partnership that is needed between families and schools to reduce the exposure to specific allergens in the school setting 
  • Provide emergency management protocols to follow should a life-threatening allergic event occur, and 
  • Delineate the roles of specific staff members in the care of the student with a life-threatening allergic condition