Cafeteria Protocol and Meal Fees

Welcome to a new school year and the opportunity to take advantage of the nutritious and conveniently served meals in each school’s cafeteria. Parents are invited and encouraged to eat lunch with their children any time during the school year. Adult lunches are $4.00 and we ask that parents schedule these opportunities with their children’s principal.

On the first day of school each year, parents will need to send a lunch or lunch money (or prepay using with their child unless they received a free or reduced-price meal from the previous year

Please review the following information and if you have any questions, call the Nutrition Services Office (804-556-5604) or email Lisa Landrum, Supervisor (

For the 2018-2019 school year, student breakfast and lunch prices as follows:

2018-2019 school year

Pre-K - 5

6 - 12

Student Breakfast



Student Breakfast - Reduced



Student Lunch



Student Lunch - Reduced



Adult Lunch




Meal Payment - Prepayment of meals is encouraged in order to speed up service and to provide students more time to enjoy lunch. Pre-payment may be made for any amount and by cash, check or online. The online option is available at or downloading the free MyPaymentsPlus app. This year, the school division will be absorbing the online payment fees. Student balances may also be checked online. The Goochland County Treasurer charges a $25 fee on all returned checks and we do not cash checks. Balances left on a student’s account at the end of the school year will carry over to the next school year. Refunds are only issued if a child is leaving Goochland County Public Schools. Requests for refunds must be made within 30 days of the student’s last day at GCPS; otherwise, the amount left on the student’s account will be considered a donation to the Cafeteria meal fund.

Menus - The daily menus will consist of a minimum of two main entrees, cold plates and salads, choice of two fruits and two vegetables and up to three selections of milk. Monthly menus will be posted on our county web site at (Students tab). Lunch menus must provide one-third of the daily recommended levels for protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and calories. Breakfast must contain one-fourth of these daily recommendations. All bread items served will be whole grain. Menus are designed to average fewer than 30% calories from fat and 10% calories from saturated fat each week

A La Carte - The cafeteria sells ice cream, juice and other items that are intended to enhance, not replace a balanced meal. A la carte items cannot be charged to the student’s account once there is a negative balance and any money brought in to buy snacks when a debt is owed will be used to clear the debt first. All a la carte items must contain 10% of the Daily Value (DV) of a nutrient of public health concern (i.e., calcium, potassium, vitamin D or dietary fiber). A la carte items will contain no more than 35% by weight sugar content per serving.

Lost or Forgotten Lunch Money - Sometimes our student customers lose or forget their lunch money. Monthly prepayments of any size are recommended to help resolve this. In an effort to make sure that every student eats lunch, students who lose or forget their breakfast or lunch money will be served a meal and their account will be charged. A notice will be sent home with the student requesting that payment be made to the student’s account by the parent/guardian. Once a student’s account has reached a deficit of $10.00 (full-priced meal accounts) or $2.80 (reduced-priced meal accounts), the student will be provided an alternative lunch of a ham or turkey and cheese sandwich, fruit, vegetable and choice of milk. The alternative breakfast is granola, biscuits or toast with fruit and choice of milk.*

Ensuring that all of our student customers eat every day is very important to Goochland County Public Schools so that we can achieve our mission to maximize the potential of every learner.

Applications for Free and Reduced meal benefits are provided to every student at the beginning of each school year. Applications are also available throughout the year at all school sites or from the Nutrition Services office (804-556-5604). A new application is required each school year for any family requesting assistance, unless you receive a Letter of Direct Certification. Parents/guardians whose students received free/reduced benefits from the previous year will have until October 2, 2017 to submit an application before their student must pay full price for their meals. Only one application is needed for all students in a household. Applications may be returned to your school’s main office or cafeteria manager. Applications are then sent to the Nutrition Services office to be processed and approved. Once the previous year’s application expires or while a new application is under review, any charges incurred for meals will still be the responsibility of the parent. Do not assume that a donation like we had this year will clear your student’s unpaid balance.

Please be sure to notify your school office as well as the cafeteria manager at your school site of any food allergies your child has. Any allergies or special needs requiring substitutions to the regular school meal will require a physician’s statement.

**The “Meal Charge Procedure for Students with Insufficient Funds for School Meals and Delinquent Accounts in the School Nutrition Program” may be found on the school website,