Code of Student Conduct

The Standards of Student Conduct (school board policy JFC-R) are designed to define the basic rules and major expectations of students in Goochland County Public Schools. It is the responsibility of the Goochland County School Board to adopt policy and regulations for student behavior in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of its students. 

The administration has issued procedures and regulations known as the Code of Conduct to define the rules of conduct, and a list of possible corrective actions for violation of the Standards of Student Conduct. The local school principal has the responsibility and authority to exercise reasonable judgment in enforcing both the Standards of Student Conduct and the Code of Conduct. Principals are responsible for ensuring that all students, staff members, and 
parents are provided the opportunity to become familiar with the Standards of Student Conduct through delivery of the Code of Conduct.

Each parent of a student enrolled in a public school has a duty to assist the school in enforcing the Standards of Student Conduct and compulsory school attendance in order that education may be conducted in an atmosphere free of disruption and threat to persons or property, and supportive of individual rights. The Code of Conduct, a notice of the requirements of section Va. Code § 22.1-279.3 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, and a copy of the compulsory school attendance law shall be sent to all parents within one calendar month of the opening of schools simultaneously with any other materials customarily distributed at that time.