Goochland County Schools Parent and Student Handbook

For 2021-2022, signatures for all forms will be completed using PowerSchool.

Dear Families:

     We believe that a safe, engaging and caring environment is essential to the maximization of your child’s potential.  This handbook has been developed to provide families with immediate access to the policies and procedures established by Goochland County Public Schools to ensure all students are offered a world class educational environment in which to thrive.

        Parents, I encourage you to take the time to review this guide together with your children. Please carefully read the Code of StudentConduct and Required Notifications materials. If you have any questions about the information included in this handbook, please contact your school’s principal.  

        After reading this document, please visit PowerSchool to sign the signatory pages for your school. 

       We look forward to partnering with you to make this year truly exceptional. 

Jeremy J. Raley, Ed.D.

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Goochland County Public Schools
2938 River Road West, Building I
P.O. Box 169
Goochland, VA 23063

(804) 556-5630 • Fax (804) 556-3847

Jeremy J. Raley, Ed.D., Superintendent

School Board Mission
To maximize the potential of every learner

School Board Vision
Inspiring and preparing the next generation to make a positive impact

Goochland County School Board
Sandra Barefoot-Reid
District 1

Angela Allen
District 2

Karen Horn
District 3

Michael Newman
District 4

John D. Wright
District 5

Goochland County Public Schools reserves the right to amend the Code of Conduct during the school year as needed in order to best ensure the safe and efficient operation of each school.
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