Starting this January, learning may just become a little more interactive in our elementary schools. Apple’s iOS platform
(iPad, iPod Touch) is taking the world, and the world of education by storm. As we evaluate what technology we plan to purchase for our technology refresh this spring, we want to explore the impact of iPod Touch with elementary students. 

The iPod touch contains a high-resolution “retina” display, an HD video camera, plus built-in microphone. It’s a great device for creating content! But it’s also got access to the thousands of apps now available on Apple’s AppStore. This includes apps that get kids online, reading books, listening to podcasts, and learning in just about any subject area we can imagine.

We have a class set of iPod Touches we want to bring to you.

For a period of 3 weeks, you’ll have exclusive access to a class set of iPod Touches, pre-loaded with apps, configured to work on your school’s wireless network, and available for your students to use. In return, you agree to explore the potential of this technology. When you receive the classroom kit, you’ll also get 1:1 time with either John Hendron or Bea Cantor to show you the ropes, and they’ll even start off with best practices by introducing the devices to your students. 

Which window interests you?

January 18–February 8, 2011 - Heather Wilckens - RES

February 9–March 2, 2011 - Alice Fruth - GES

March 3–March 24, 2011 - Zoe Parrish - BES

March 25–April 15, 2011 - MaryKay Dinger - RES

April 25–May 16, 2011 - Karen McTamaney - GES

May 17–May 31, 2011 - Lisa Brown - BES

As you may imagine, the competition for these devices may be fierce! To be considered to participate in this pilot, visit the links (opposite) for more information & complete the short application form. We look forward to working with you!