This is the official employee handbook for staff of Goochland County Public Schools for SY 2017-2018. 

P.O. Box 169 
2938-I River Road West
 Goochland, VA 23063
(804) 556-5316 • FAX (804) 556-3847 

Michael E. Payne, District 1
W. Kevin Hazzard, District 2
John Lumpkins, Jr., District 3
Beth Hardy, District 4
John D. Wright, District 5

Byrd Elementary School
2704 Hadensville-Fife Road
Goochland, VA 23063
Mr. James Hopkins, Principal  

Goochland Elementary School
3150 River Road West
Goochland, VA  23063
Ms. Tina McCay, Principal

Randolph Elementary School
1552 Sheppard Town Road
Crozier, VA  23039
Mr. Daniel Gardner, Principal
Ms. Christin East, Assistant Principal

Goochland Middle School
3250-B River Road West
Goochland, VA  23063
Ms. Jennifer Rucker, Principal
Ms. Amie Potter, Assistant Principal
Goochland High School
3250-A River Road West
Goochland, VA  23603
Mr. Chris Collier, Principal
Mr. Taylor Snow, Assistant Principal
Ms. Rachel Wilborn, Assistant Principal
Mr. Joe Fowler, Activities Director
The Goochland County Public Schools Employee Handbook provides a quick reference to policies, regulations, procedures, and benefits for employees countywide. It is available in electronic format online.

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Please consult the School Board Policy Manual located in the library/media center of each school, on the website and in Central Office for the most detailed and up-to-date information.  If you have any questions, please discuss them with your immediate supervisor.

None of the standards or information in this handbook confers any rights or privileges to any employee.  In no way should this GCPS Employee Handbook be considered as the only or final source of information to employees. The School Board and administration are committed to constantly reviewing all benefits and policies and will from time to time change the information presented in this handbook accordingly.