Theatre Arts II

Course #1420
Grades 10-12 . Prerequisite: Drama I #ghs #art #10th #11th #12th

Theater Arts II and Theater Arts III is a conjoint class. Both classes will study the same content, but the assessments will differentiate for each class set. Theater Arts II focuses on dramatic literature and theater history. Although performing and active participation are important parts of the class, students will go beyond the stage by studying historical details and social themes to help build their understanding of a particular piece of literature. More importantly, students will sharpen their acting skills they learned from Theater Arts I, and use their knowledge to partake in intense character building exercises. Theater Arts III is designed for students to build upon acting skills they learned from Theater Arts I and II. This class also places an emphasis on playwriting, where students will study technique, theory and style.  Students will also engage in various writing activities to progress in their skills and creativity. By the end of the year, students in Theater Arts III will write one-act plays with the intention of having fellow classmates perform their scripts in front of a live audience.