Course Description and Career Guide for Goochland High & Middle Schools

Course Descriptions for Grades 6-12

About this Guide
Goochland County Schools is publishing its annual course description and career guide in this online format. This format not only helps save us money in printing costs, but also allows us to greater flexibility in the publication of this guide, with up-to-the-minute changes and corrections. 

Goochland High School 
3250-A River Road West - Goochland VA  23063
(804) 556-5322 /  FAX  556-6485
Principal, Dr. Chris Collier
Assistant Principal, Mrs. Rachel Wilborn
Assistant Principal, Mr. Brian Hahn
Athletic and Activities Director, Mr. Joe Fowler

GHS School Counseling Department
Mr. Doug Getter, x4704
Ms. Ashton Guza x4703
Dr. Beth Fowler, x4705

Goochland Middle School
(804) 556-5320 / FAX  556-6223
3250-B River Road West - Goochland, VA 23063
Mrs. Amie Potter
Assistant Principal, Mr. Patrick Gordon 

GMS School Counseling Department
Ms. Linsey Schumacher, (6th grade & 7th grade boys) x4513
Mrs. Roberta Watson, (7th grade girls & 8th grade) x4512