Digital Citizenship refers to the attitudes and behaviors we have towards interacting with our peers using digital tools. Citizenship21 is Goochland's take on this, specifically with regard to the online areas of ethics, law, copyright, and safety. 

On this site, you'll find resources for both teachers and students. You'll find that Digital Citizenship intersects many previous initiatives and areas of focus, including the Goochland Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), our Internet safety lessons, our Ethics of Cyberspace course, and last but not least: G21.

Following the lead from Ribble & Bailey (2007), Digital Citizenship is an area of concern for every child living in the 21st century, for both reasons of student achievement in school, but also for success in life beyond school. Core to their model for digital citizenship are:

  • digital access,
  • digital communication,
  • digital literacy,
  • digital security,
  • digital rights & responsibilities,
  • digital etiquette,
  • digital health & wellness,
  • digital law, and
  • digital commerce.

Please direct questions/comments to: John Hendron, supervisor of instructional technology.