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Eighth Grade Graduation Reflections

      The end of the year is near, and that means everyone is moving up one grade. Even Springman’s beloved eighth graders, or rather, Glenbrook South’s incoming freshman. The transition from middle school to high school can be a frightening one to say the least, but some people are prepared for the challenges to come when transitioning to a completely new school. Others, such as myself, have no idea how they are going to survive the incoming suffering that is to be expected from high school. However, the school year is not over yet. Here are some ways eighth graders are finishing the school year strong and preparing for high school.*

  1. In what ways do you plan on finishing the school year strong?

  2. Are you preparing for high school now, during the summer, or not at all? If you do plan on preparing, how?

  3. Is there anything in high school that you are looking forward to?

  4. What about the end of eighth grade are you excited for?

  5. Is there anything that you’re gonna miss about Springman? Do you have any last words of advice to the sixth or seventh graders?  



  1. “I plan on not dying so I can graduate alive. I also plan on raising 400 llamas on my own llama farm because llamas are cool and they help me with my homework.

  2. “Nope. Nope. Nope. I’m gonna wing it and see what happens.”

  3. “I’m excited about actually having electives that I can choose from. Also more clubs. If there isn’t already a llama club then I will make one because we have that option at GBS.”

  4. “I’m really excited to go to Great America with the entire eighth grade. Because that means less school and more fun. But I won’t be looking forward to the post-graduation party unless I can bring a llama.”

  5. “I’m really not gonna miss anything at Springman. Um, to the sixth graders, seventh and eighth grade is harder than sixth. And to the seventh graders, if you are doing good right now then you will probably be fine next year in eighth grade.”


  1. “I’m trying to focus mainly on my school work and I’m trying not to be distracted by high school. I really need to concentrate on the present rather than worrying too much about the future.”

  2. “I am preparing the only way I can right now and that’s studying and working hard in school. Over the summer I plan on doing absolutely nothing and enjoying my time before high school completely consumes me with its evil powers.

  3. “Literally one thing. And it’s graduating from high school.”

  4. “Just the feeling of finally moving on.”

  5. “I’m going to miss all of the great teachers I had but I’ll never never forget the memories I made here. For the sixth and seventh graders, one thing you should know is to expect the unexpected. One day you can be on top of the world and the next you could be falling faster than a speeding train. The world may seem against you, but in the end you will learn something that can’t be taught in a classroom.”


  1. “To finish the school year strong, I will try my best to maintain a 4.0 grade point average and to also be a better student in the classroom.”

  2. “I am preparing for high school now. I am setting good habits for myself such as doing homework as soon as I get home and going to sleep at a reasonable hour so that I can be as alert as possible during class the next day. I want to be well-rested before my brain gets filled up with wonderful knowledge.”

  3. “Sports will be lit. Also, there’s a lot more freedom for us in high school so I’m looking forward to that. And since we have a wide variety of classes we can choose from, I can make friends who have the same interests as me.”

  4. “I’ve never been to Great America before so I think it’ll be a very fun experience and the teachers are so much more cool when there’s no teaching needed to be done. Also, I really wanna give the graduation speech.”

  5. “I’m gonna miss the laid-back feel of being in eighth grade and being the oldest in the school. Words for the youngsters: develop good habits so in the future it benefits you.”

Here is a piece the staff of  The Wildcat Press wanted to spotlight!  Congratulations to Rachel K from Discovery!  Great writing!

Not All Knights Wear Shining Armor

 Alecia's fingers grazed over her bed's soft quilt, a small sigh escaping her lips as memories of the night before echoed through her mind. The frustrated yells of disapproval rang through her ears while bitter tears bit at the corners of her eyes. She pulled her hand away from the quilt, wishing for the sour memories to sink back into the depths of her mind. Turning away from her quilt sewn of poor materials, she faced the bulging suitcase filled with hopes for her future. Only men can fight, hissed a corner of her mind as she picked up her suitcase. Only men can pursue this dream which you wish to achieve. She shivered as her mind generated these thoughts and quickly turned her back on them in vain attempts to keep her hopes up high....

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Hannah L




A chilling feeling attacking your brain.

A feeling where you can't follow your lane.

Signals which jolt, one way and another,

when you can't think like anything other.

Mind racing,

thoughts pacing,

running this and that way.

Never calming,

always beating,

never standing still.

When the snow fell 

By: Tessa H 6th grade, Genesis

To the ground fell the white snow.

Hanging onto the tree's by a thread were bright colored leaves. Onto my face the sun shone brightly.

At peace and still is the land Seen is nobody.

Silent was the land.
Waiting to be walked on was the endless trail.

Slowly the day ended.

Goodbye I had to say.
And I felt a sense of warmth inside as I walked away.

Spring Palette

Alix , Genesis

Quiet and calm sits the water.

In the light glows the light green grass.

Covered with pink, orange, yellow, and green leaves are the trees.

Onto the light water reflects the colors from the trees.

In the light glows the blue water.

In the foreground glows a deep red tree.

Empty along the side of the lake sits the narrow walk way.

Under the surface ripples in the water.

A perfect spring moment creates the colorful landscape.

From the freshly cut grass sprout the colorful trees.

The Story

By Liz D Equinox

Is is still just a story when creatures turn to clay

And the knives at your neck in the midst of burning day

Should a limit be kept on the souls in their graves

How much blood must be shed until a victor remains

The souls lit on fire will cry out for peace

And will not be heeded, lest victory cease

To rest her heavy head on the doorsteps of spring

And the tyrants will call for their people to sing

Their songs will be carried high into the night

Their hopes and their fears for the coming of light

The tyrant will bathe in the glorious praise

And hear the sweet voices that may soon end his days

A fight for freedom will end in decay

As the martyrs and villains all rot in their graves

And ten thousand armies astride ebony steeds

Will stride to the judgement of  their heinous  deeds

Is it still just a story when thousands are dead

And the one lone survivor has fought and has bled

For a world that’s forgotten sacrifices he’s made

So the end of the victor comes at his own blade

Different Sides 

Clare L 6th Grade, Genesis

When someone's there, the cat shows its good side. So it turns when nobody is watching.
Into a dark mysterious place vanishes the good side. The black color covers the cat you watch.

With its light green eyes, it stares you right into your eyes.
In walks someone.
Past you walks the black cat and right as you blink there is an adorable fluffy orange cat sitting next to you. Into a new pair of ocean blue eyes your eyes stare.
This isn't the same cat as before you realize.
Down your back as you watch this new cat surrounds you, falls a shiver.

Look Around

Ashley L. Discovery

Look Around: Kids reading fantasized books,

teachers exchanging knowing looks.

Desks put in a jumbled pattern,

a diagram about the planet Saturn.

New gossip being heard and told,

fancy pencils being happily sold.

Everyone constantly checking the clock,

waiting for it to be the end of the block.

The Frosted Night

Bailey H Genesis

Looks warm and cozy it looks in the cabin. Colorful and dark is the night sky.
Very tall and wide are the trees.
Lighting up the sky are the stars.

Soft and cold looks the snow. Small and bright is the cabin. Frozen is the water.

White and green are the trees. The snow is how thick? Brownish orange are the trees.

Fall Angles

Fiona C Genesis

From all around me I could hear leaves crunch Out from under the leaves, the grass peeked

A warm smile my friend gave me Warm my soft boots kept me To my hair the leaves stuck

A chill the cold air gave me For miles the fallen leaves went Through my ears the wind blew

Very silent was nature The snow is where?

The Green Night 

Chase M Genesis

Bright are the colors in the sky
My toes are being numbed by the water Glow all night the sky will
The best time of year is Winter

The wind is blowing hard against my face So bright is the night
So amazing the colors in the sky are.
The ice turns into Melting Water

Sight of the moon there is none Water reflects on other color of night

The Lights

Jacob P Genesis Beautiful are the lights.

White is the snow.

White snow the forest is full of.
Many di
fferent colors there are.
Bright in the night sky the stars where shining. Start to end soon will the winter.
Next year it will be back.
Just as beautiful as this year maybe it will be. Come back will also the lights.

More beautiful than ever probably it will be.

Life Questions
By: Katie D 8th grade

When God looks at the world
Why doesn't he help?
Doesn't he see the pain and the sorrow
And feel bad?
What if there isn't someone up there?
Is just some strange coincidence?
What if our existence on Earth
That divine being up there
Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison,
Has to be watching
So why doesn't he help?
Though I suppose he did help a bit
All the geniuses I can't live up to?
They may have pulled with all their strength
Those people who attempted
To drag the world out of its pit of despair
But the weight of Earth's problems
Or better yet, make a wave
were too much of a burden for them to grasp
But what if
I can make a difference
I could change the world.
Make a ripple on the ocean of humanity
A rushing tsunami to cleanse the Earth

Letter to myself

Petey, 8th Grade

Right to the left of Laguna Canyon road,

Off of the curve of the black street, there is Blizzard Entertainment.
At the game design department, there is Click Counter.
He helps run the department, and helps the small beige cubicles program.

Click is very hard to miss,
with his small, gruff blond beard, and his clean-cut 'stache

He stands tall among the cubicles, helping design future generation's favorite toys. He socializes with the other cubicles, and helps them run in time of need.
And when the cubicles start working,
The familiar blue glow of games would lighten their faces,

Like thousands of little fireflies that simultaneously lit up, And the sound of keyboards clacking would fill the air, Like tiny herds of mice-sized horses.

Once, in '15, he was just a kid, wanting to be a legend.
He tried everything to learn how to use code.
For code seemed mysterious to him,
Mysterious like the bottom of the ocean and the surfaces of far-away planets combined.

He even took multiple special classes in '18
He was determined, nothing could hold him back from his goal.

Now, he is the teacher, helping the small cubicles grow in skill.

Petey Thomas L.A.5 10/1/15

Once in a while, he helps kids' favorite dreams come true with his old black W '07 Still loving it more than the others, never letting dust collect.

And though most think the intelligence in the tiny cubicles are just drones, Mindless slaves without direction,
Click knows the truth about the so called "drones",
Click knows they have ambitions, hopes, and dreams,

So Click helps them accomplish their cheerful dreams.

Off work, he still works,
By helping recreate the feelings of joy he once felt for hours a day. He helps recreate the old feelings he had, by re-playing.
And while Click enjoys designing,
Click's favorite thing is re-playing.
For playing these games is the reason Click is where he is.

And though he designs new games with the cubicles and their minds, Click never forgot,
For though he enjoys the new games,
He will always treasure the old games the most,

For they are the only ones that bring the same feeling of joy to him, That he now attempts to bring to others.