WFTB Setting The Stage

Before November 15th you will want to watch the 10 minute video of Write From The Beginning - Setting The Stage 1  
You will need the following materials while watching the presentation:  
  • Setting the Stage Binder
  • Highlighter
While watching you might want to view it full screen by clicking on the arrows.  You can also pause at points by clicking on the play button.  

After watching the overview you will want to complete the following homework Due by November 15th:
  • Read pages 14-25
  • Skip pages 20-23
  • highlight or underline parts of the focused reading that is new or interesting information
  • Come prepared to discuss these pages during the November 15th morning PLC time

WFTB - Setting The Stage 1

If you have any questions please see Barrie and MarySue and they would be happy to help out.