Fourth and fifth grade student leaders worked with the principal and staff to develop the student handbook reflected on this website. The rules outlined in this handbook are intended to help students exhibit the respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors that promote a school environment in which every single student:

·      is a thinker and a problem-solver                   

·      is a good decision-maker

·      is caring and trustworthy

·      shows compassion

·      enjoys learning

·      feels safe

·      feels a sense of belonging

·      feels a sense of pride in who they are

·      values others

·      shows perseverance

·      loves coming to school

Your teachers and parents will review these rules with you so that you have a clear understanding of our behavior expectations. By demonstrating the respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors outlined on this website, you will be doing your part to make Glen Grove the BEST school it can possibly be for everyone!


Much appreciation and gratitude is noted to the student leaders who, during the 2013-2014 school year, helped create the Glen Grove Student Handbook: 

Emily Reome, Ben Eimer, Jules Hanson, Michael Bauer, Sophie Cotton, Danny Sullivan, 

 Eden Frick, Alex Kopley, Dakota Betts, Sam Schapiro, Peyton Streb, 

Adam Moshkovitch, Jack Cleary, Natalie Thurston, Robin De Schryver, Hannah Good, 

Sean Nicgorski, Isabella Shim, Cooper Noard, Leah Desserich, James Sennott, 

Gabby DesRoberts, Clara Hart, and Nicholas Rudolph

Recess Council Review & Revision Team (October, 2018)

Alona Mathew, Maria Malamis, Alleza Khan, Kavi Johnson, 

Nicole Petrushansky, Aadit Mantrow, Lexie Benedetti, 

Amirah Thomas, Martim Pinto, Ramona Chuang, A.J. Miller