Welcome to the home of the
  Glenburn4/5 Multiage  

Where Pigs DO Fly!!!

Mrs. Janet Ecker & Mrs. Sari Ohmart
Contact us at: eckerj@glenburnschool.us & ohmarts@glenburnschool.us
or 947-8769 ext. 328

Link to Glenburn School Site: http://www.glenburnschool.us/

Teacher message:

Mark Your Calendars:

August 29, 2017, 6-7 PM - Glenburn Open House

August 30, 2017 - First Student Day

September 4, 2017 - No School - Labor Day

Welcome to our 4/5 Multiage

Class of


Abby C.,  Alison W., Alysiah G., Audra B., Bailey T., Brady G., Brady H., Camden L.,
Cayleigh F., Christianne P., Connor T., Evan B., Gabriella K., Grace L., Graeme T.,
Hailey C., 
Heavyn C., J.J. H., Jacob B., Jacob P., Jillian S., Kaleigh C., Kate S.,
Kayla B., Laila R.,  Leila M., Lindsey G., Logan W.,  Mason D., Micah T., Molly S.,
Owen B., Savannah F.,  Theodore B., Tristan B., Zachary R.

We will miss our "Old 5th Graders"

Abby C., Alexis B., Alison W., Alysiah G., Austin W., Bailey T., Brady G., Camden L., Cayden F., Christianne P., Ciara F., Connor T., Declan S., Eliza C., Elyse N., Emden W.,  Emma W., Graeme T., Greg B.,  Heavyn C., Jack S., Jacob B., JoJo M.,  Kaleigh C., Kate S., Katie H., Laila R., Lauren H., Leila M., Lindsey G., Logan W., Logun M., Maggie C., Micah T., Molly S., Owen B., Rhianna G., Savannah F., Sebastian V., Theodore B., Zachary R.

We are looking forward to a GREAT year together!

Just a reminder that we always enjoy having parents stop by and appreciate it when they can volunteer in our classroom. Please get in touch with us if you will be able to help out this year.

Remember: Positive Mental Attitude.

1. Think positive
2. Communicate
3. Respect one another
4. Work together
Because: Pigs Follow Their Dreams in 2017