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It's been a while...

Summer has finally come to an end :( 

Don't be too sad! This year is going to ROCK. I'm excited to have a good year at Glenburn School.


BioDigital Human - Exploring Human Anatomy and Physiology

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In science class we are using BioDigital Human to explore human anatomy and physiology. The picture below is a closeup view of the human nervous system. Go to https://www.biodigitalhuman.com/ to learn more OR watch the Youtube video below.


BioDigital Human Preview

Pizzer and Soder? Pahk the cah? 01/30

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Cell Analogy Project - Due Friday 01/31

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Compare the parts of a cell to the parts of a complex system.

Example: A CELL as a...
  • City, School, Country, Restaurant, Vehicle, etc.

Cell Analogy Group Project

Egyptian Webquest! 01/23/14

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Pyramids and Monuments
  • Play the pyramid challenge.
    • Record the location, angle, material, orientation of pyramid.

  • Mummy maker.
    • Make a bulleted list of steps taken to preserve a mummy.

Gods and Beliefs
  • Sacred animals
    • Pick 2 animals that were sacred to the Egyptians.
      • Why were the animals sacred? 
  • Gods Gallery
    • Pick 3 gods that were worshipped by Egyptians.
      • Include: name, description, and picture for each.
  • Decipherment of Heiroglyphs
    • What was the Rosetta Stone?
    • When was the Rosetta Stone discovered?
    • Tell the story that is written on the stone.
    • How was the stone "decoded"?

CNN Weekly News Quiz

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Weekly News Quiz: The following questions relate to events that were covered this week on CNN Student News. Write your answers in the space provided.

1. What disease do scientists believe might be behind the deaths of dozens of bald eagles in Utah?

2. What northeastern Chinese city hosted the International Ice and Snow Festival?

3. What's the term for the circulation of winds that normally surround the North Pole but caused record-breaking cold weather in the U.S. this week?

4. Who was recently confirmed by the Senate as the first woman to head the Federal Reserve?

5. What do thousands of American petitioners want removed from M&Ms?

6. Who is the current U.S. secretary of state?

7. At what measurement, in degrees, are Fahrenheit and Celsius the same temperature?

8. In what city and country will this year's Winter Olympics be held?

9. What organization oversees most U.S. college sports?

10. What term means charging more for goods or services than the regular selling price?

SEPUP - Fournier

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It's coming...

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