STEM Learning Community Vision

  • We envision experiences that engage learners as real scientists and engineers allowing them to acquire the concept understandings, the skills, and necessary habits of mind as they develop the dispositions needed for success in these fields.

  • We believe that a comprehensive sequence of aligned courses, grounded in the multidisciplinary study of science and engineering, and supported with mathematics and technology, provides a set of experiences necessary for students to identify potential STEM-related career options based on their passions and aptitudes.  

  • We believe that this is best accomplished through a project-based inquiry approach in which students ask questions that require answers and define problems of meaning that demand solutions.

  • We believe that this type of learning occurs best in flexible, agile, and adaptive spaces that support multiple modalities of learning.  We recognize and value that learning occurs in both physical and digital domains, and that scientists and engineers must use both to successfully engage as learners and as professionals.

  • We further believe that the learning experiences of this program are enhanced by connecting students beyond the classroom to a wide range of challenge opportunities, to industry professionals, and to real problems in our community.  We believe this promotes a contemporary and authentic learning experience.

  • We also believe that our students are best served by professional educators who value collegial interactions, who recognize, value and utilize the strengths of each as a team, who create together as a team, and who always interact with students in a positive, professional and supportive manner.

  • Finally, we believe that the success of this program is judged by three factors:
    • students ultimately identifying a real-world problem and then designing and creating a viable solution
    • the development of problem-solving dispositions in students
    • the inclusion and retention of underrepresented students
       Successful accomplishment of these three factors
       will enable the mission to be fully realized.