World War Two
                                        Lest we forget

 World war two took place  between 1939 and 1945. After  the First World War (1914 -  1918) people were certain that  something like this could not  happen again, yet 20 years  later there was another  international war with a death    toll in the millions. 

  What could have  caused  such a  war? 
 Check out this site to  find out how the war  began .
 Check out a timeline of WW2 here
 Who fought in World War Two? Click on the links below  to find out about the two sides - the axis and allies.

 Choose how you would like    to present your knowledge of  WW2 to other students in the  cluster. 

 Slides (or other presentation  software)
 To share the key facts about  WW2
 E.g. a satirical poster    encouraging people to join  the  war 
  E.g. A short documentary    about  the war or animation  of the origin of the war.
  Radio Broadcast
  E.g. a debate about war, an  interview with a child living in  war time.

 E.g. illustrating the beginning of WW2.

Anne Frank

One of the most shocking aspects of WW2 was the treatment of people with disabilities, who were Jewish, gypsy or part of many other minority groups.

The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the most famous recounts regarding this issue. It was written by a young Jewish girl who went into hiding during the war. Read more about it here.

 Why not listen to  wartime music (both songs and air raid sirens!) while you read!

Do we hear the whole story about war? At wartime, serving your country was seen as an honour and soldiers seen as courageous. Did the soldiers come home feeling like this? check out this poem about a veteran.

"History is  written  by the victors"
Winston Churchill
  What could be meant by this? Do we hear the German perspective about WW2?

What did German children  experience?

Why should we remember WW2 today?

There is much that we  can learn from what  has happened in the  past. We still teach  students about the  wars in schools and  hold Anzac Day today. What is the  significance of this?  Read a veterans  perspective on the  matter here.   

What if Germany won  WW2? Can you  imagine a world where  Germany won World  War 2? Find out about it here
If Hitler had such extreme  views why was he supported in Germany? Before the war, Hitler did support Germany and acted as a leader.

As he rose to power, Hitler used Propaganda" to encourage others to follow his beliefs. You can view examples by clicking on the image above.

Hitler also created a youth programme "Hitler Youth" to prepare children for his vision of Germany