Smith Middle School Clubs and Activities
To enhance the middle school experience, all seventh and eighth graders are strongly encouraged to participate in after-school activities. Our Smith Middle School faculty is pleased to be offering over fifty clubs and activities during the 2016-2017 school year. All students benefit from involvement in after-school activities. Clubs provide opportunities to socialize with other students and interact with teachers in a setting other than the classroom. After-school clubs and activities enable students to use their free time productively while experiencing new interests or further developing familiar ones. 

Students participating in the clubs and activities offered on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday after school will be able to ride home on the 3:50 P.M. activity bus provided by the District.

We invite students to expand their talents, discover new interests, and enjoy one or many of our exciting clubs and activities offered this year.  Some of our clubs and activities are linked to websites for more information.