Glastonbury SEPTA

Glastonbury Special Education Parent Teacher Association

Glastonbury SEPTA is a parent-teacher organization within the Glastonbury school district serving families who have children from preschool through high school. We are a community of parents raising children who have special needs; including families, teachers, school administrators and friends; anyone with an interest in the welfare of students with special needs. Membership is open to all who strive to enrich the lives of children with special needs by supporting their families and schools.

Our Goals:

  • Bring together parents, families and teachers of children with special needs to network and share experiences 
  • Promote an understanding of Special Education amongst the community, legislature, and school board 
  • Ensure that all children receive an education that allows them to reach their full potential 
  • Provide social, physical and cultural enrichment 

Monthly Meetings: 

Glastonbury SEPTA Officers: 

Executive Board Co-Presidents: Gisela Rice and Mike DeFossess 
Secretary: Kris-Ann Race 
Website Coordinator: Pat Stavola 
Facebook Coordinator: Peter Hapgood 
Coffee Club: Kim Paschke 
Founder: Colleen Poliner 
Board Members:
Molly Donovan 
Holly Murray 
Jennifer Carroll 
Abbie Bushley