Advanced Research Mentorship (ARM)

Where students learn to be scientists & engineers

Advanced Research Mentorship (ARM) provides an outstanding opportunity for students to collaborate with practicing scientists and engineers on authentic research studies. ARM is a non-traditional, non-lecture course that is designed to allow students to work independently to develop skills in all aspects of science including problem formulation, method design, data collection and data analysis. Students will improve techniques in acquiring, understanding and evaluating scientific literature. Scientists use a variety of methods to effectively communicate scientific findings. Students will have numerous opportunities to deliver oral presentations, to prepare poster presentations and to write scholarly scientific papers. Upon completion of one or more research studies, students will present their work in selected venues, such as the GHS Research Proposal Defense, The Connecticut Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, The Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair and the 2019 GHS Stemposium.

Note: I use Google Classroom as our Learning Management System. Please see Google Classroom for all documents, assignments and resources.