Human Growth and Development

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Glastonbury Public Schools offers a series of sessions dealing with the topic of human growth, development and reproduction. Each session is three evenings. The program has been designed for both parents and students in grades 4, 5 and 6 (10 years of age and older).
The purpose of the program is to help families feel more comfortable talking with each other about the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty. The program provides factual information in the form of videos, diagrams and literature. Built into the sessions are opportunities for parent and child to discuss basic concepts of growth and development. One goal of the program is to establish and foster positive and healthy attitudes about sexuality.

Please refer to the information below to review topics covered in the program.

Topics Discussed Throughout Sessions

  • Parent-child relationships
  • Understanding feelings
  • Peer groups
  • Reproduction
  • Physical development

Session Agendas

Night 1:  Decision making; nutrition
Night 2:  Introduction to reproduction; anatomy discussion;
              day of my birth
Night 3:  Discussion of physical, social and emotional                          changes; puberty timeline