"Sell, sell, sell!" The cries of the club treasurer are heard.
No, no. We are not that kind of club. If their is one thing the GUCC is not, it is money orientated. We have no sponsors and we have no big recruitment drive.
Our membership fee maintains a small float to ensure that we can buy items like club clothing and pay for things in bulk gaining discount before we collect the money back from members.

But you don't have to join! We have a policy in the club to promote cycling. That means we are not going to ditch you at the side of the road just because you're "not one of us". Come along and join us for a ride, see if the club is for you and join later if you fancy it. Obviously it helps the club to maintain a healthy membership base but we are not in the business of selling you something that doesn't fit or you don't want.
If you become a member you can take part of some great advantages, including:
  • Race under the Glasgow United Cycling Club name
  • Wear the probably the best designed club strip in the world - ever!
  • Be involved in the GUCC e-mail club communications
  • Get club discount from the shops on our friends page
  • Be part of a club with a long, successful history
  • Oh, and tell all your friends that you are a member of probably the best club cycling that has ever existed!
Currently the annual membership fee is £20 and it is due January the 1st. Thats hardly anything. It works out at less than 39 pence a week or 6 pence a day or 0.3 pence an hour or 0.004 pence an minute or ... well you get the idea.
If you would like to be part of the team then you can contact the club via any of the members on the meet the team page or come along and speak to us at one of the events we are due to attend on the whats going on page.
A few things to remember:
  • The GUCC does not "lead" rides. We are a group of lads and lasses that meet for a spin on the bikes - if you want to join us then please do.
  • The GUCC do not offer any training or coaching - we are too busy trying work out how we can get better never mind trying to help someone else.
  • The GUCC members will offer advice when ever you think you might need it and we have something to say. We are just a bunch of normal folk so don't expect any miracles.
  • The club does not offer any insurance. You ride at your own risk. We recommend that you join the British Cycling Foundation as they offer some excellent 3rd party insurance.
  • We recommend that you wear a helmet when ever you are on the bike.
  • Just come along and enjoy the bike - that's we try to do. We don't want a legal battle as it tends to get in the way of the cycling...