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Tae Kwon Do English Open Championships 2014

posted 23 Apr 2014, 02:55 by Michael Lowe

Tae Kwon Do English Open Championships 2014
The annual Tae Kwon Do English Open Championship took place in Cheltenham on Sunday 9th February 2014. There are other championships that take place during the year such as the British, Welsh, Scottish, Irish and numerous International Championships.

The English Open is usually a challenging tournament as it is open to practitioners from a range of Tae Kwon Do styles and associations. On this occasion the three London branches of North London Tae Kwon Do (NLTKD) entered fifteen students, eight of these being from the Gladesmore branch. Together, NLTKD swept the trophies table.

Well done to all the competitors who trained hard all year. All our competitors achieved national recognition for their efforts. Thank you to their families and the Gladesmore PE faculty for supporting the club. Our successes were:

· Abdul, 11CCN: Yellow belt, under 18, heavy weight. Won silver for point sparring, an amazing all rounder, excellent stamina, boxing skills and high kicks.

· Aaron, 8OBS: Blue belt, under 13, middle weight. Won gold for continuous sparring, noted for his amazing timing.

· Tamara, 9ATN: Blue belt, under 18, heavy weight. Won gold for continuous sparring, stepped up a gear to face amazing challengers.

· Kiet, 11MMR: Blue belt, under 18, light heavy weight. Won silver for continoue sparring, noted for his kicking versatility and humour.

· Oliver, 11LCL: Black belt, under 18, heavy weight. Won gold for point sparring and silver for continuous sparring. Oliver has retained his No. 1 ranking from the 2010 to 2014 and has been selected for the National Team.

· Nathan, formally 11SCR: Red belt, under 18, heavy weight. Won bronze for continuous sparring, this is despite contending with his asthma.

· Cameron: Red belt adult heavy weight. Won gold for continuous sparring & selected for the British team on 9/02/14

Congratulations to all!

Shine@Gladesmore Saturdays visit BBC Broadcasting House!

posted 23 Apr 2014, 01:58 by Michael Lowe

Shine@Gladesmore Saturdays visit BBC Broadcasting House!
This term our enrichment trips are to the amazing new state of the art studios at BBC Broadcasting House in central London. Over the course of four Saturdays all Shine Saturday students got the opportunity to see the inner workings of the BBC. 

Students were taken on a guided tour of the newsroom and have been lucky enough to see the midday news as it was being broadcast! The guides were extremely informative, explaining where the news comes from and how it makes it on to the TV. 

Later on the tour, students saw the ‘The One Show’ studio and sat on the famous sofa! 

Students also saw the radio studios and the ‘Green Room’, where celebrities relax before going on air. 

The tour ended with a visit to the studio used for broadcasting radio drama, where students got the chance to recreate a short story with amazing sound effects. What a fantastic trip! 

Gladesmore Students share their views with the world!

posted 22 Apr 2014, 03:49 by Michael Lowe   [ updated 22 Apr 2014, 04:05 ]

Gladesmore Students share their views with the world!
‘BBC News School Report’ is an initiative which gives 11-16 year old students in the UK the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience. With support from BBC staff and partners, teachers help students develop their journalistic skills to become School Reporters. 

On the 27th March 2014, schools all over the UK took part in an annual News Day, simultaneously creating video, audio and text-based news reports, and publishing them on the school website. 

At the beginning March, in preparation for the big day, Year 10 GCSE Media Studies students set off with Ms George and Mr Davis for an early morning visit to the BBC. 

Students received unprecedented access to the BBC News room and were able to look at how the professionals make the news. Met by producer and journalist Lynda Smith, they were able to sit in on the morning planning meeting, go to the gallery and see the news being broadcast live. Some of our students made it on to the actual set to sit at the desk the presenter’s use when reading the news! Others were able to try their hand at reading the news with expert editor Lucinda. 

To check out the amazing reporting skills of our very talented budding journalists CLICK HERE

Gladesmore at the Houses of Parliament

posted 22 Apr 2014, 03:44 by Michael Lowe

Gladesmore at the Houses of Parliament
On Monday 17th March 2014, a party of Gladesmore students which included the School Councillors, were invited to the Houses of Parliament. The trip aimed to increase student’s understanding of the work, impact and relevance of parliament and for them to gain a greater understanding of how decisions made there are similar to those that School Councillors need to make at school.

The group went on a guided tour of the Central Lobby which is the very heart of the Parliamentary Estate, as well as the House of Commons and the House of Lords chambers. The guide explained the history of parliament, the art on display and architecture of the building. They also spoke about the present democratic leaders and the long standing traditions of parliament.

Outstanding Achievement Evening 2014

posted 11 Mar 2014, 03:27 by Michael Lowe   [ updated 12 Mar 2014, 13:08 ]

Outstanding Achievement Evening 2014
Gladesmore celebrated an evening of outstanding achievement on the 6 March 2014. It was a festive occasion where parents, governors, staff and students came together with pride, to celebrate the outstanding achievement of our pupils. Achievers in year 7 to 11 were selected based on: achieving an A*- A grade in a GCSE or AS level subject; for making the most progress in the most number of subjects; and, exceptional progress over the past year.
Year 7 students who achieved a level 6 in their Key Stage 2 SATs were also honoured. We were delighted that our Governors were well represented at the celebration including Mr Michel Madelain, from Moody's, who presented awards to 13 outstanding students from the class of 2013.
The Sharon Nunes Award, was given out for the first time in memory of our beloved teacher, friend and colleague who died last year. The recipient of this award goes to a pupil who has defied the odds to achieve fantastic success by overcoming significant challenges.   
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If You Think You Can, You Can!

posted 6 Mar 2014, 06:11 by Michael Lowe   [ updated 6 Mar 2014, 06:29 ]

If You Think You Can, You Can!
Gladesmore students were overcome with excitement in their Assembly this morning because the inspirational entrepreneur Jack Petchey CBE was our special guest. The generous philanthropist whose motto is: ‘If you think you can, you can!’ received a prestigious REACH Community award from the school for his support to our students and the school for over a decade through the Jack Petchey Achievement Awards. Nico and Dwayne, our October and February Jack Petchey Award winners along with Mr Porter our first Jack Petchey Awards scheme co-ordinator presented the glass trophy. Gladesmore are members of the Gold scheme and have recognised over 100 students during that time. Students have spent their rewards on hundreds of projects including bonding trips, Graduation and Prom and the demo recording of our single Everybody Dreams which was funded by a Jack Petchey Award.

Award-winning recording artist Davido visits Gladesmore

posted 28 Feb 2014, 00:37 by Michael Lowe   [ updated 28 Feb 2014, 01:26 ]

Award-winning recording artist Davido visits Gladesmore
Celebrated Nigerian American recording artist, performer and record producer Davido paid a visit to Gladesmore on Thursday 27 February.
Davido performed his smash hit 'Skelewu' during the Year 9 Awards Assembly yesterday morning and participated in a Q&A session with selected students. He was a huge hit with our students. Check out the YouTube video below to see what happened.

Davido visits Gladesmore

Tottenham Regeneration

posted 13 Feb 2014, 04:01 by Michael Lowe

Tottenham Regeneration
On Wednesday 5th February 2014, Gladesmore students participated in a consultation session about Tottenham’s future. The meeting was hosted at the recently opened 639 Enterprise Centre. This is a visionary new space developed to help local people get started in business and gain employment skills. In July 2012 as part of our annual ‘Value Life’ campaign, we unveiled a plaque on 639 High Road. A gift from Gladesmore to the community, the plaque proclaims our desire to bring about meaningful change in Tottenham.

Our students, looking very smart in their uniforms, were told that they would be participating in a meeting of influential people with a key interest in Tottenham and its regeneration; little did they know that His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales would be in attendance!

This is the fourth time His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales has visited Tottenham since the riots in 2011. On this visit he met with a small group of young people and heard their views.

Christine in 11CCN and Taj in 11CRN spoke to His Royal Highness about what it meant for them to be from Tottenham, concerns about safety on local streets and street lighting. They suggested what could be done to support its young people and make our community better for everyone.

Year 7 School Council Elections

posted 13 Feb 2014, 03:35 by Michael Lowe

Year 7 School Council Elections

In January the Citizenship Department held the Year 7 School Council Elections. The School Council is a group of students who represent the views of their peers and liaise with the staff to improve the school. In the past, ideas from our School Councillors have contributed to the improvement of school lunches, lessons and facilities. A very important role of the School Council is to interview candidates for jobs at Gladesmore. They also represent the school at events and get involved in fund raising.

Each Year 7 tutor group nominated two candidates. The candidates presented their campaign speeches during a Year 7 assembly.

The voting took place on Monday 27th January 2014. We had a great turn out, with nearly 70% of Year 7 students casting a vote.

It was a closely contested election, the winners were:

· Rares 7ALE
· Ruby 7DRD
· James 7MMY
· Morgan 7SCR

Well done to all those that participated. We look forward to working with our new Year 7 Councillors in the coming months!

Super Achievers Win the Prestigious Petchey Prize

posted 13 Feb 2014, 03:16 by Michael Lowe

Super Achievers Win the Prestigious Petchey Prize
Congratulations to Abdul, Chloe and Nico who scooped last term’s Jack Petchey Achievement Awards for being ‘Super Achievers’ in various areas of the school.

Abdulrazak, has made fantastic efforts. He regularly attends a wide variety of school clubs and has made an outstanding contribution within the school, in particular in the Design and Technology department. Abdul personifies all that is great about our REACH values, he is Respectful to staff and his peers. He shows Enthusiasm within lessons and attends clubs. He has a positive Attitude to his studies, is very Cooperative and very, very Hardworking.

Chloe’s all round commitment to her studies and her outstanding achievement in Dance has been truly remarkable! She began her journey as an unconfident dancer and in two years we have seen her transform into a talented butterfly. She has been a fantastic ambassador for the school by taking part in school performances and at numerous external events. This has helped her to grow in confidence and she has encouraged, motivated and inspired younger students and boys to participate in the Performing Arts.

Nico's contribution to music has been amazing! He was instrumental in setting up the Music Technology department by helping to configure machines. He liaised with staff and students to find out their needs. Nico researched how best to meet these needs, costing and summarising his findings for the Head of Music. Nico is a talented music artist and an excellent role model for younger students. He supports school events and projects and represents the school within the wider community. Nico was a key writer and performer in the ‘EVERYBODY DREAMS’ project and gave up his summer to promote Tottenham, the place he lives, learns and loves.

All three win a £200 grant which they have decided to spend in the following ways:
· Abdulrazak will be taking members of his tutor group on a bonding trip.
· Chloe would like to donate half of her grant towards purchasing essential guides for students who are working in their own time to achieve a GCSE in Dance. The other half is being donated towards the cost of getting a special guest for Prom 2014.
· Nico is passionate about music and so wishes buy the Music Department a pair of Hi Technology headphones and boom speakers that can be used by students who use the mini recording studio to record tracks they have written themselves.

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