Session Title: Collaboration with Google Drive: Text/Audio Comments, File Sharing with QR Codes, easy Parent/Teacher Conference Sign-Up, and Other Real Classroom Uses

Abstract: It is no secret that Google Drive is a great classroom tool, but there are many more uses for your Drive than just creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Google Drive is the perfect platform for online file storage, file and folder sharing, and document collaboration. This hands-on session will focus on some great collaboration uses in Google Drive. Participants will learn to use Google and kaizena.com to insert text & audio comments into a Google Document. Also, participants will learn how to upload & share files and folders (documents, audio, & more) with QR codes using sites like qrcode.kaywa.com. In addition there will be some real classroom uses/examples for collaboration such as Parent-Teacher Conference sign-up, student created vocabulary definitions, and student generated book reviews through Google Spreadsheet.

Software and/or Hardware Requirements: PC, Mac, or Chromebook with internet access (Browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and built-in or external microphone
Additional Information: Participants will need to already have a Google account.
Session Time/Location: ThursdayMarch 13 (1:00 - 3:00 PM) / Gallery Overlook B