Necessary Minutia

TODAY is Friday, May 19,  2017 
4 school days left...
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Upcoming Events:  

Things to Remember: 
       Please remember to check your child's agenda book daily for homework assignments, upcoming tests, and projects. Encourage he/she to be completing the agenda book on his/her own unless handwriting is an issue. My web portal is updated daily for current information and daily assignments for all 6th grade classrooms.
Absent Make-up Work Information: 
        Remember if your child is absent he/she must pick up his/her make-up work when he/she returns.  You also have the option of picking up the assignments at the end of the missed school day.  Your child has the same number of days that he/she was absent to make up the missed assignments. Your student is responsible for turning in the homework to his/her classroom teacher.

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