Mrs. Thomas
Fourth Grade 


April 28
    Last day to turn in 
    Strides donations for

May 5
    Strides for Pride

May 10
    Statehouse Field Trip

May 11
    Volunteer Luncheon

May 17
    Symphony Field Trip

May 19
    School Spirit day

May 23
    Popsicle party with our
    1st grade buddies

May 24
    Last Pride Talk 
    honoring 5th @ 9:00

May 25
    Super Games & last
    day of school

 Birthday snacks MUST be 

If your child would like to bring in a birthday snack, it is easiest for students to pass out the snack at 11:45 during lunch. 
Thanks for your cooperation!



MATH:  Students are working diligently on our last unit for the year focusing on multiplication/division with larger numbers.  Students are developing strategies for tackling 2 by 2 digit and 4 by 1 digit multiplication problems along with 4 by 1 digit division problems.  These problems are often in a story problem context and involve more than one step to get to a solution.  They can be very tricky!  Reading closely, drawing visual representations and clearly showing their thinking are all skills the students are developing along with the mathematical computation it takes to solve these challenging problems.  In addition, students are learning about using estimation and rounding to help them determine when their answer is reasonable or off track.  At the same time, students are also being introduced to working with patterns and developing equations that reflect the patterns.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Students will  learn about economic concepts this month.  They will learn how entrepreneurs organize productive resources and take risks to make a profit and compete with others.  Their learning will also focus on how saving a portion of income contributes to financial well-being and that people can reduce spending to save more of their income.

SCIENCE:  Our life science unit will continue this month.  Students are learning about how changes in an organism's environment are sometimes beneficial to its survival and sometimes harmful.  We will also explore how fossils can be compared to one another and to present day organisms according to their similarities and differences. In addition, students will spend time learning about some health topics relating to nutrition including serving size and understanding food labels.



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