Mrs. Thomas
Fourth Grade 


April 3
    Progress Reports 
    sent home

April 5 & 6
    Math AIR test

April 14
    No School

April 17 & 18
    Social Studies AIR test

April 21
    School Spirit day

May 5
    Strides for Pride

May 10
    Statehouse Field Trip

May 11
    Volunteer Luncheon

May 17
    Symphony Field Trip

May 19
    School Spirit day

May 24
    Last Pride Talk 
    honoring 5th @ 9:00

May 25
    Super Games & last
    day of school

 Birthday snacks MUST be 

If your child would like to bring in a birthday snack, it is easiest for students to pass out the snack at 11:45 during lunch. 
Thanks for your cooperation!



MATH:  Students continue to work diligently on understanding fraction and decimal concepts.  As we reach the end of the unit, students will be expected to add/subtract mixed numbers and decimals within story problems contexts.  Creating visual models using pictures or number lines to represent fractions and decimals is essential within this unit as well.  When helping your student at home, please keep in mind that we have not covered finding common denominators.  Most addition/subtraction of fractions problems will involve fractions that have like denominators.  However, when occasional problems come up with unlike denominators, students are expected to rely on their skills of finding equivalent fractions to help them.    Our test on fractions and decimals will be the second week of April.  
The next unit we will tackle will be another multiplication/division unit.  In this unit, students will be introduced to the standard algorithm for multi-digit multiplication and long division.  This unit involves many story problems and integrates concepts we've covered in math from throughout the year.
Please encourage your child to keep practicing those multiplication and division facts to develop fluency, which will help them solve larger multiplication/division problems more easily.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  At the beginning of April we will learn about the War of 1812 and the Battle of Lake Erie.  Then students will learn about the changing transportation systems within our state and the country including steamboats, roads, canals and railroads.  Next, we will explore the sectionalism within the developing United States and the characteristics of the North, South and West.  Students will continue their learning by exploring the topic of slavery as it relates to the role Ohio played in the Underground Railroad.  In addition, students will learn about some famous Ohio inventors along with immigrant groups who began to call Ohio home.

SCIENCE:  For most of April, our focus will be on Social Studies topics.  



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