Mrs. Thomas
  Fourth Grade 


Jan. 3
    First day back for

Jan. 4
    Progress reports 
    sent home

Jan. 12
    Martin Luther King
    Pride Talk @ 8:45

Jan. 15
    No School

Jan. 25
    Open House
    More info soon!

Jan. 26
    Spirit Day
    Wear blue and gold

Feb. 9
    No School

Feb. 15
    Valentine's Day
    celebration @ 1:10

Feb. 16 & 19
    No School

Feb. 23
    Spirit Day
    Wear blue and gold

    Report cards sent

Feb. 27 & Mar. 1

 Birthday snacks MUST be 
NUT FREE.  We also have dairy and red dye allergies this year.

If your child would like to bring in a birthday snack, it is easiest for students to pass out the snack at 11:45 during lunch. 
Thanks for your cooperation!




Fourth graders spent several weeks before break focusing on geometry concepts.  All students have several resources in their binder they should be studying.  These resources focus on the vocabulary within the unit.  Understanding these terms is important for students to help them tackle and solve the problems within the unit.  Many of the vocabulary words are used to describe, compare and contrast 2D shapes.  We will continue in geometry with a review of symmetry and then within this same unit, we will explore the topic of measurement.

For the measurement part of the unit, students will work with both standard and metric units.  They will be expected to convert measurements from a larger to a smaller measurement within a story problem context.  Students will also solve problems related to area and perimeter.
At this point in the year, most fourth graders need encouragement to continue to practice their multiplication facts at home.  After winter break, students tend to see a decrease in both their efficiency and accuracy on the multiplication fact checks we take.  We still have another multiplication/division unit later this year, along with plenty of practice until then to keep those problem-solving and computational skills fresh, so please help your student find the most motivating way for them to keep practicing!

Students are continuing their work in Language Arts with Mrs. Leopold learning about the American Revolution through both their reading and writing.

Our next science unit will focus on physical science including the topics matter, heat and electricity.  Fourth graders will learn about the conservation of matter and the processes of energy transfer.  They will explore the difference between volume and mass and will spend time conducting experiments and watching demonstrations to help solidify their understanding.
You can reach me at school after 2:30
Also, feel free to email me
In addition, you can write a note in your student's planner.

     A day:      Art         
     B day:     Music
     C day:     Gym
     D day:    Music
     E day:    Gym