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What is Reading Recovery?
Reading Recovery is a highly effective short-term intervention of one-to-one tutoring for low-achieving first graders.  Individual students receive a half-hour lesson each school day for 12 to 20 weeks with a specially trained Reading Recovery teacher. As soon as students can meet grade-level expectations and demonstrate that they can continue to work independently in the classroom, their lessons are discontinued, and new students begin individual instruction.
How can I help my child?
Show an interest in your child’s reading, and encourage him to read books brought home each day after Reading Recovery lessons.

Make sure your child is in school every day if possible and doesn’t miss any Reading Recovery lessons.
Help your child assemble the sentence puzzle.
Each day your child will bring home an envelope with a “cut-up story.” This is a sentence or two that he has written in the lesson and the teacher has copied onto a strip of cardstock. The teacher will have cut the sentence into individual words or groups of letters for your child to reassemble.

This will only take a few minutes, so:
  • First help your child read the sentence(s) on the envelope.

  • Then cover the envelope and let your child make the sentence out of the words. If he/she forgets the sentence, provide a reminder; it’s not cheating to help.

  • Ask your child to read the assembled story to see that it makes sense and looks right.

Putting the sentence back together will help your child link what he is learning to do in writing with what he is learning to do in reading.


Information from: http://readingrecovery.org/

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