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About Me: This is my 13th year teaching 8th Grade at Middle School West.  
I love to read and travel, doing both is an exceptionally good day.  
My Schedule:

1st period- rotation of class periods
(Monday- 2nd period
Tuesday-3rd period
Wednesday- 4th period
Thursday- 5th period
Friday- 7th period)
2nd period-Academic Connections
3rd period-Language Arts
4th period-Language Arts
5th period-Language Arts
6th period-Lunch
7th period-Language

8th period-Study Hall 
9th period-Conference Period

                                        This year in Language Arts, we will be exploring the overall theme of

                                             “Who are you and who will you become?”

                                                This question will be answered by understanding the following 4 concepts:

                1. We are shaped by our experiences.
                2. We are shaped by science.
                3. We are shaped by society and societal expectations.
                4. We shape our own future.

Language Arts will be structured in a “Workshop” format. Workshop time allows for students to work in an environment that fosters independence and personal accountability. This format also ensures you will receive one-on-one and small group instruction. The majority of the LA grade will be dependent upon your workshop accountability. All students must come prepared to learn, work, and improve your reading and writing skills. You will be assessed on your ability to do this in a consistent and effective manner.


                Classroom List of Books




                                                 Websites for teen novels

                                                                                                              YALSA: The Young Adult Library Services Association.
                                                                                                  College Bound Reading List__


                                                                                      Teen Reads- Recommended reading for teens, by teens   


          Please email anytime: shafferm@gjps.org

ELA 8 Sec. 6 Per. 3 yr. 18


ELA 8 Sec. 7 Per. 4 yr. 18

ELA 8 Sec. 8 Per. 5 yr. 18

ELA 8 Sec. 9 Per. 7 yr. 18