As Sands' Successful Synergizers we will:
shine brightly 
and have fun 
while showing others 
how to lead 
so that we can 
learn together!




Weekly Assignments

1. EVERY STUDENT is expected to complete reading work nightly This reading work will be a mixture of reading and writing about what they are reading and most nights students will need access to technology. This work will range between 30-45 minutes of work. 
2. EVERY STUDENT will be completing math homework. Homework will be written in planners each day.  Please check there for specific expectations.  An overview of the expectations:

Flipped Opportunities--
        1. Students will view a video that walks them through a concept providing them with supported 
        practice at home. 
        2. students will fill out guided work along with the video so they have a starting point for the next day         in class.
        1. Students will complete a traditional practice worksheet at home.

3. Students are encouraged to write in a journal at home throughout the year to prepare for our final writing unit (I promise this will come in handy!)

4. Students who were unable to use their work time wisely during class have additional homework to catch up on classwork. Please check your child's planner to see if they have this additional homework.  

This year we are working on Putting First Things, FIRST!