Mrs. Park's Kindergarten

Contact Information:
Teacher: Mrs. Sue Park
School Phone: 614-759-5100

Daily Schedule:


Morning Work and Attendance

Morning Meeting
Writers' Workshop
Related Arts Class
Lunch and Recess 

Read Aloud

Daily 3/Guided Reading Groups

Phonics, Sight Words, or Handwriting

Daily 3/Guided Reading Groups

Interactive Writing

Daily 3/Guided Reading Groups


Social Studies, Science or Health
Choice Time
Class Meeting
Clean up and Pack up

Our newsletter will feature more specific information about the learning in our classroom. It will be sent home at the beginning of every week in the PRIDE folder.

                                     Related Arts Schedules:
                                   A Day - Phys. Ed. 9:10-9:40
                                   B Day - Music 9:20-9:50
                                   C Day - Art 9:20-10:20
                                   D Day - Phys. Ed. 9:10-9:40
                                   E Day - Music 9:20-9:50
                                                 Library 1:15-1:45

Here are some great websites to check out!